Brooks Pistol & Smallbore Rifle Club



Handy info

- Please take a moment to read our range rules! Safety is #1!
- To join the Brooks Pistol Club, check out Membership Information!
- Would you like to shoot matches with us?? Check out Black Badge Training!
      (Walter's new class dates not set yet! Please check back!)
- The Bullet Shop price list has been updated as of April 2017. Click the "Need Ammo?" tab at the top of the web page to check them out!
- The direct line to the Alberta CFO is : 1 (780) 495-7799
- Need to ask us something? Use our new Comment Form! Remember you can always use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the site if you would like to talk to someone specifically!
- To all members, keep in mind we encourage you to post pictures and videos of any shooting event! The more current pictures and video we have, the better!