These range rules are designed for the safety of all persons using the range. The following rules are in place to allow the facility to run smoothly. It is in the best interest of all shooters to abide by and adhere to these rules. Enforcement & knowledge of these rules are required for all persons using the range.

  • IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY DIAL 911. The range is located at LSD 09-18-19-14-W4 or 1 KM southeast of Lakeside Meat Packers on the Gun Club Road. An area map is posted near the club log book in the south shooting shelter.
  • Drugs & Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are NOT allowed on this range and will be ESCORTED off.
  • ALL CENTERFIRE RIFLES with the exception of 9mm are prohibited. SHOTGUNS have certain restrictions, no shots above the berms. Only handguns, using the standard handgun ammunition, .22 caliber rimfire rifles and black powder muzzle loading firearms are allowed on this range.
  • Only standard velocity ammunition is permitted on this range. The use of Tracer, Incendiary or Armour Piercing ammunition is prohibited.
  • Only MEMBERS & GUESTS are allowed on this range
  • Upon entering the range: Switch the range warning beacon lights ON. Signify your attendance in the club ledger book. The range warning beacon switch & ledger book are located in the very east white shooting shelter
  • If there are two (2) or more shooters, one shall be designated the Range Official.
  • The Range Official has absolute control of this range when a shooting activity is in progress.
  • Anyone handling a firearm in an unsafe, careless manner or failing to comply with the instructions of the Range Official shall be ESCORTED off this Range.
  • Range officials have the authority to inspect any firearm or ammunition on this range and will ban their use if deemed unsafe.
  • The decision of a Range Official is Final.
  • All firearms shall be transported and stored as per the Firearms Act & Regulations.
  • All firearms shall be UNLOADED and remain unloaded until the shooter is called to the Firing Line and directed to load their firearm by the Range Officer.
  • Everyone shall produce proper documentation upon request. This included valid Club membership, valid Firearms License and a current Authorization to Transport (ATT)
  • All shooters on the range MUST wear hearing protection and eye protection. Eye glasses are accepted however proper safety glasses are encouraged. This is for YOUR safety!
  • Only one shooter and their instructor are permitted at each shooting station.
  • Firearms are not allowed downrange of the firing line or shooting stations unless they are properly holstered or cleared with the action open.
  • Anyone shooting at objects other than targets authorized by the Club will be escorted off the range.
  • You must be AT LEAST 10 meters away from all steel targets before shooting them. This is for your own safety! Bullets CAN come back towards you!
  • Before leaving the range: PICK UP YOUR BRASS, Dispose of used targets. Secure all doors. Lock the entrance gate. Leave the range in better condition in which you found it! Keep our range clean and ready for the next shooters!
  • Club members violating these rules will be subject of a membership status review.


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